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NFL Mobile is the official app for the National Football League. Thanks to this app you'll get all the information you need to keep updated on the America's favorite football league. Its bookmark updates and live newsfeed keep you informed on all the latest players and trainers.

Right from the app you can dig into the main information on any game you want to watch. Similarly, take a look at all the data and latest rosters for any team within the NFL. This section includes player stats, and play-by-plays for your team. In short, all the NFL-related information you need is here.

NFL Mobile users with a Premium NFL access can also watch a live feed of games taking place in real time. What that means to you is: you can now use your smartphone to follow any game; get a in-depth analysis by pros, and much more.

This official NFL-branded app is excellent for hardcore football fans. Plus its design is great and it's chock-full of useful features.